Do you have a million great ideas but struggle to implement them? Do you wonder why the "boring" guy is successful? Do people tell you that you are not reaching your potential? Do you work harder than others without getting ahead? Are you successful but know you could do more? Do you feel "stuck?" Have you lost the "spark" of creativity and fun you once enjoyed? Are you challenged by the urge to go off task? Find Out How
Dr. Kirsten Milliken

Dr. Kirsten Milliken offers Coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, students and business owners who are struggling to Break Through Barriers to fulfill their dreams. By working in a partnership her clients develop awareness of their unique set of strengths and challenges. Each client then builds their path to Personal Excellence by minimizing unwanted challenges and capitalizing on their unique set of strengths. Having a coach can help you reach your goals in a way that is enjoyable and repeatable. Contact Kirsten now to Redefine Your Potential and become ultimately successful in all areas of your life.

ADHD Coaching focuses on the specific goals and unique abilities of clients with ADHD. Like all coaching, it is a supportive, goal-oriented process where clients can access and develop the tools, strategies, insight and confidence necessary to help them reach their potential. The difference between AD/HD coaching and other types of coaching is that this coach is specifically trained and experienced in working with people with AD/HD. Dr. Milliken has Over a Decade of Experience helping clients develop strategies which maximize the talents of the AD/HD brain and compensate for the individual difficulties an AD/HD client may experience.